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Today cooking is not just for adults; kids too can learn different things while cooking and simultaneously learn to eat healthy food. While cooking, children can learn food sciences, that is; vitamins and minerals present in each vegetable, fruits, greens, nuts, etc. Hence this will help kids to eat well balanced food. One can also tell how foods have to be cooked without undercooking or overcooking. Children can try to make simple dishes like salads and cookies. With guidance of adults, then can even make a huge lunch or dinner for their group starting from starters to desserts! Sounds interesting and yummy?

Teaching kids how to cook will help them learn to eat responsibly. For instance, kids must be taught to avoid all sorts of unhealthy processed junk foods like fries and sodas, but rather teach them to eat steamed, organic and nutritional foodstuffs. Cooking activities for kids can be organized at home and in classrooms. It is important that cooking activities for kids should always be organized with a supervision of an adult, a teacher or a parent needs to be with them. Kids definitely need help when it comes to chopping, using stoves, micro ovens, food processors and sharp utensils.

What children can do when it comes to cooking? To start with easy activities, begin with vegetable and fruit salads. Buy variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Include nutritious green leafy vegetables, broccoli, peas, beans, etc. Include fruits like watermelons, cranberries, blueberries, plums, pineapples, etc., you can chop them, mix the vegetables/fruits and serve! You can also include nuts like almonds and pistachios. It's always best to avoid genetically-modified vegetables and fruits. Always stick on to organic and fresh produce. When it comes to serving salads; get multicolored bowls and spoons to serve, they are very attractive and children love them. Avoid using breakable utensils like ceramics and glasses.

Kids can even make juices. And this can be made more fun by blending different types of fruits in a food processor, pour them into small containers with sticks and freeze in a refrigerator; this will turn into yummy popsicles. Making pancakes are also a great idea; an adult needs to help with the batter. Be careful while using the stove and the hot pans. Kids can try making cup cakes, just follow the basic recipe, it can be make with chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruits, etc. Children can take turns for making the cake batter, unpacking the nuts, flour, sugar, etc.

As the cooking goes, the teacher needs to explain why eating nutritious food is important and the role of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals in our body. One can even include topics like how our digestion system works and how food is broken down in our system. You can even organize a quiz after finishing the cooking session. The questions could be like, name the fruit which is rich in vitamin C or give a list of vegetables that grows underground. Don't forget to give the basic instructions like washing the hands well with soap and wearing aprons.

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    Trouble with husband's fam at Thanksgiving. What to do?
    My hubby's fam guilts us into having Thanksgiving dinner at our house every year. Every year we ask that people from his huge family bring a little something, and then we spend half our saved Christmas money making up the rest. This year, I had my hours cut at work and we have been struggling since we have three kids that are small. My hubby told his fam that we weren't going to have the dinner here due to financial problems and they assured us that everyone would chip in money. All 30 people. Then, a bunch said they weren't coming this year. So 2 people chipped in and yesterday the whole fam decided to come after saying they weren't. I assume they didn't want to donate to the dinner. Now, we have spent a ton of money on food and plates and utensils and the people who didn't donate say they will bring a pan of brownies or something. So, my first question is, should I just cook what the from the three of us who donated bought? Should I mention the money when they come? Also, they all complain about health problems, like a stubbed toe that prevents them from working, and all their financial problems, even though they all drive huge SUVs and drink all the time. I don't think I can handle the whining this year. If they start, should I just go to my momma's? Or should I remind them that they are eating a free meal and should be thankful? I am so stressed right now. Please help! I know I sound whiny, but I am not whining, I am just furious. They do this all the time. My fam isn't like this at all and I am not used to it. If you want a good idea of what it is like, think a house full of cousin Eddie's from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

    • ANSWER:
      Why was that not your plan to begin with? What plan you say? To go to your momma's house and bring a bit with you there. Then you will be happy. Your husband will be happy and you can stop and visit these other people the day of after or the weekend. Or not. either way a little late. So make sure you say the blessing. "Lord let us be thankful for this thanks giving day and the fellowship it brings. Let us be thankful for those of us that could scrape up some contibution to make this a very special diner. We know you will provide for us in a time of need. You have blessed us in making this family bigger every year will and will lead others into doing there share of spreading your word and helping to bring us together in your name. Bless this family in your name."

      Do a few little things to make this not quite as comfortable as some other years. Good hints will get the picture accross. Just do it in a nice way. You can do things like make the diner early or late. Just do little things.

    making a scavenger hunt, any ideas?
    so i haven't hung out with my friends all summer [its been over a month] [sad, i know]
    so i decided i should make a scavenger hunt thing and get together with a bunch of people.
    thes hunt is in this mallish area- it has pretty much what a mall has [a couple food places, hollister, american eagle, victoria's secret, starbucks, etc] and then these three random stores that don't really fit [organic market, cooking stuff store and something, brain fart.
    anyway this is what i have so far [btw they are find stuff and tasks, we'll probably be in groups]

    - spray yourself with hollister perfume 6 times
    - count how many steps are on the escalator at Dicks
    - find the sluttiest thing in Victoria's secret and take a picture of it with your phone
    - steal a plastic utensil
    - find a shirt that has hello kitty on it and take a picture

    anymore ideas?
    hahah it bleeped out D-icks, as in d-ick's sporting goods

    • ANSWER:
      I did a mall scavenger hunt for my birthday party, so below is a list of everything the kids had to do!
      Keep in mind you MUST be respectful and calm or they WILL kick you out. Other than that, it's a blast!


      Shopping bag - 3 point bonus for the largest bag - 1 point
      Catalog – 1 point
      Gift card envelope – 1 point
      Food sample – 2 points
      Disposable toilet seat cover - 2 points
      Keychain – 2 points
      Employment application – 3 points
      Pack of gum – 3 points
      Blue eye shadow - 3 point bonus if each team member is wearing the shadow
      Bouncy Ball – 4 points
      Price sticker or price tag (CANNOT rip off clothes) - 4 points
      Bouncy Ball – 4 points
      eyeshadow – 5 points
      French fry (cannot buy it) - 5 points
      Safety Flyer - 5 points


      What 2 stores are on either side of Macy’s upstairs? – 1 point
      Store with the largest store number on the information map? – 2 points
      How many restaurants are in the Mall? – 2 points
      How much does it cost to rent a stroller? – 3 points
      How many entrances to the mall? – 3 points
      How many stairs are there in the stairway near Macy’s? – 4 points
      How many stores are in the mall? – 4 points
      How many bathroom stalls are in the ladies restroom on the first floor near ______? – 4 points
      How many stores have the letter "Y" in their name? 3 point bonus - bring a shopping bag from one of these stores – 4 points
      How many dessert items on the Ruby Tuesday restaurants menu? – 4 points
      How many stores sell children's shoes? – 4 points
      How many seconds does it take for the escalator to get to the second floor? – 5 points


      All members (minus photographer) riding the escalator – 1 point
      Hiding behind a pillar, tree or bush – 1 point
      Sleeping on a bench – 1 point
      One person wearing a tiara – 2 points
      Hugging a teddy bear – 2 points
      1 person sitting in a highchair – 3 points
      On a kiddie ride – 3 points
      Waving out to someone on the first floor, while standing on the second – 3 points
      In a bathroom stall – 4 points
      With a cute guy – 5 points for cutest – 5 points
      Hugging a stranger – 10 points

      Obviously a couple things had to be bought, so we gave each team 10 dollars to see which could get the most. This is totally optional!

      Have fun! <3

cooking utensils names and pictures for kids

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